Hollywood stars often live a dream life. High fees, great film projects and worldwide fame. Who deserves how much, who has which partner and which cars are in the garage. Here on the page you find information about the life of actors. These come not only from the USA and directly Hollywood, but also from other cities around the world.

New actors

Lars Åby Hermansen
13 April 1954
Björn Carlberg
30 July 1978
Sven Gustafsson
26 July 1898
Radoje Čupić
J. Grant Anderson
20 April 1897

Top actors

Vivek V. Mashru
27 September 1983
Kamel Laadaili
10 August 1976
Giorgos Messalas
Nick Nevern
8 December 1980
Stunt Silva
6 June 1973

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